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Samuel Hicks House



1896 - John Burton Collection

Samuel Hicks built this large brick house on Oxford Road in 1826. He had emigrated from East Hampton, L.I and settled in 1807 in New Hartford at the age of 21. By 1815, Mr. Hicks was the business manager of the New Hartford Manufacturing Society, a producer of cotton cloth.             


In 1837 he resigned from this company and spent his energies on real estate and business matters. Mr. Hicks' descendants resided in the house until 1938. Luther MacFarland, the husband of Hicks' daughter, served as President of the Village of New Hartford.

The entrance to the house is a notable example of Federal style with a huge limestone arch and keystone over the fan-shaped transom. Small columns may be seen flanking the sidelights on either side of the paneled door. The interior rooms are large with finely designed mantles and window and door casings. Numerous large fireplaces provided heat for the large rooms with their high ceilings.

Samuel Hicks House


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