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McClean's Grist Mill



This photo, taken in 1896, shows a sidewalk bridge on lower Genesee Street. This was where a stream of water, known as a tailrace that was formed by the McClean Mill pond, went under Genesee Street. A little ways up this stream was the village lock-up. In the far distance is the McClean grist mill, operated by water power.

This mill was the original Sanger grist mill which was built in 1790. He had built a saw mill a year earlier in 1789.


On September 13, 1806 Sanger sold the grist mill to Jacob Sterling and Timothy Soper, who together ran the business for about a year, when Mr. Soper transferred his interests to Mr. Sterling. The mill ran under Sterling's  management until December 1, 1818 when it was sold to Jacob and Lewis Sherrill.  On May 10, 1826, the Sherrills sold the property to Samuel Lyon. On March 14,1851, the property was sold to Charles McLean who ran the business for many years.

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