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The Joseph Kirkland Home

86 Genesee Street Kirkland House (1).jpg


The picturesque, square Colonial building at 86 Genesee Street, is probably the oldest existing building in New Hartford. It was at one time the home of Joseph Kirkland who in 1832 became the first mayor of Utica.

The date of its erection is unknown, but the deed verifies the dwelling in 1790 but hints that it was in existence prior to this date.  Records show it was there, with its large surrounding porch and a cupola towering above a flat roof, in 1792 when the Rev. Daniel Bradley went there to live.  Mr. Bradley was the first pastor of the newly organized Congregational Church.

The 14-room house subsequently was sold to Joseph Kirkland who lived on Oxford Road, known then as South Street. A distant relative of Samuel Kirkland, who was famous as a missionary to the Oneida Indians, Joseph Kirkland was one of the first lawyers in this section. He was admitted to the bar several years prior to the organization of Oneida County in 1798.

Born in Connecticut on January 18, 1770, and a graduate from Yale University, he settled in New Hartford in 1794. He moved to Utica in 1830 and two years later was elected Utica's first mayor. He also served as mayor in 1834 and 1835.

In 1808, Jacob and Lewis Sherrill came to New Hartford from East Hampton, L.1. and purchased the dwelling at from Kirkland.  The house stayed in the Sherrill family for several years.

Over the years, title to the property passed to several different families which included: Rev. Israel N. Terry and his wife Emily; Wallace Childs family; Clarence Proctor family and Dr. and Mrs. A. DeWitt Brown.

The dwelling which contains seven rooms on each of the two floors, although remodeled several times, still bears many of the original features.

Today 86 Genesee Street is home to Utica Pediatrics, prior to which St. Elizabeth Medical Group occupied the building. An extension has been built on it and there is a parking lot in the rear.



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