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New Hartford Fire Department

The New Hartford Fire Department is probably one of the oldest community organizations in New Hartford.  It was organized in January 1901 at meeting held Butler Hall with about 20 members present.  Its first members included A. Goddard; J. H. Corbett; W. H. Kirtland; D. H. Williams; Dr. Morgan; E. Burns; C. Williams; C. D. Pearce; H. B. Marks; M. McMahon; W. Fallen; E. A. Corbett; J. Renton; J. Ellis; W. Hooks; M. Johns; C. Ireland; J. Hooks; F. Ireland; J. F. Lansdale; F. Scripture; W. Cook; D. Scripture; V. Shearer; S. Rosby; M. Dohl; and A. S. Harris.

The first president elected was Dr. A.C. Morgan and the first fire chief was Albert Goddard.

In 1902 the company purchased its first piece of equipment which was a hook and ladder truck for $350 C.O.D.  It was a hand-drawn vehicle equipped with a 10-inch gong that operated by the revolving of one of the wheels. The apparatus had as equipment several ladders, a pick-head fire ax, a wire basket between the footboards, and 6 fire buckets. The village’s first fire alarm was the bell on top of the New Hartford Presbyterian Church.

The first fire was the Billingham barn where Village Floral is now located. Richard Davis was President of the village when the company was organized.

The first mechanized equipment was purchased in 1916 from the American LaFrance Co. In 1925 the village board purchased a ladder truck which increased the efficiency of the department and provided better protection for the people of New Hartford.

Photos at right from top to bottom are:

  • This brick building was erected on Park Street to replace the old wooden structure of Village School District #1.  It later housed the New Hartford Fire Company.

  • New Hartford Fire Department 1910

  • New Hartford Fire Department 1935

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