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Owens Family Farm

Owens Family Farm celebrating their 100th Anniversary

In 1823 Edmund Newell purchased property (part of the Coxe Patent #5, 7th Division) from David Risley. The land was located on the southernly end of what is now Oxford Road.  In 1910 the farm was sold to James Newell and Sanford Sherman. In 1924 Sanford Sherman sold the land, buildings and a house for $10,000 to Ellis and Margaret Owens.

Ellis and Margaret farmed and raised 7 children (5 boys/2girls): John, Robert, Hugh, Owen, Richard, Nettie and Anne.  The oldest son, John, became an electrician and was located on Campion Road in the Village, Richard had a milk route, Owen, Hugh, and Robert stayed on the home farm until they married and purchased their own farms.  When the three brothers operated the farm, it was known as Owens Brothers Farms. In 1952 Hugh and Owen purchased their own farms. Robert and Julia remained on the “Home” farm and raised their 2 sons, Richard and Larry. 

In April 2024 100 years were celebrated by Richard and Gail and their son Mark and his wife Denise who have worked the farm all these years through many changes. Mark has built a home on the farm along with his brother Scot. Another brother, Jeff, lives locally. It is a tribute to the entire family to continue to use the land and keep the long history in the same family all these years. Today the grandchildren come to the farm and see the animals and play on the hills where there is the sweet smell of wildflowers.

Everyone who drives between Hillside Garden Apartments and Irvin Avenue today will observe the many sheep and Scottish Highland cattle grazing on the hill off the western shoulder of Oxford Road. 

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