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46 Oxford Road


Originally built around 1850, this picturesque home on 46 Oxford Road (at the corner of Oxford Road and Sanger Avenue) was used as a school on two different occasions. Mrs. Daniel James, a widow, established a school for small children, some orphans, or those left by their parents while traveling abroad. It was known as Mrs. James Boarding School and according to Durant in his book, "History of Oneida County," was established around 1863. Mrs. James "established this school subsequent to the death of her husband" because in those days, widowed women had a problem supporting themselves. Later, Miss Anna Overlook operated a private school for young ladies.

Subsequently, Thomas H. Cackett owned the home. In 1920, Ellis Morris bought the home and lived there for the remainder of his life.

Ellis Morris was descended from Welsh Stock. His grandfather David E. Morris was one of the early settlers in Utica, and the founder of the Welsh Benevolent Society. Morris Street in East Utica was named for him.

Mr. Morris was mayor of the village of New Hartford for fifteen years, from 1922 until his death in 1936. Under his administration, street paving was done, and the fact that all streets in the village were paved gave its residents a sense of pride. Extensions were also made to the sewer system and disposal plant.

The house still stands to this day.

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